Significance of Regular Preventive Health Checkups of Early Detection and Disease Prevention

‘Forewarned is Forearmed’ 

‘Prevention is Better than Cure’

‘Better Sure and Safe than Sorry’

It is perhaps the one of earliest pieces of advice one is given as a child and age as one acquires the same by virtue of passing time, proves the relevance of the same. In the current times, lifestyle has been cited as one of the biggest causes for some of the most common diagnoses and despite the popularly shifting focus towards health and fitness, statistics reveal the dip in collective wellness where overall health is concerned. 

Diseases that were once considered to present themselves at an older age, are now diagnosed in children and teenagers. Just as the field of medicine has evolved with time, so has the human species. While large scale communicable diseases are no longer the cause of epidemics that wipe generations off, newer medical ailments have replaced them. 

The pandemic saw doctors take to the dais to reiterate the need for prevention; the golden rule and the simple old trick to leading a healthy life. Regular preventive health check ups are recommended by the medical fraternity as the credibility of the same has been proven time and again. 

Amidst your busy schedules, it is crucial for you to make time for your tests and here is why, 

How Do Regular Preventive Health Check Ups Help You?

  1. Knowledge is Key – 

By ensuring that you get your preventive health check ups done regularly, you give yourself the chance to remain updated about your body and the status of your general health. Being aware can help you make any changes in your lifestyle that you may need to. 

  1. Early Detection – 

Upon early detection, you can address a varied range of health conditions and potentially dangerous diseases with preventive measures, relevant changes in your  lifestyle, caution, and treatment as prescribed by a medical practitioner. The possibilities of painstaking surgeries and medical procedures may be avoided by doing so. 

  1. Increased Chance of Effective Treatment – 

Impending onset, or an onset of a medical condition when identified gives you the benefit of being able to get early and relevant treatment that can assure you effective results. 

  1. Monitoring Imbalances – 

Your body may show signs of imbalances that can be monitored and corrected via temporary and appropriate medical attention as directed by an authorized medical professional. Preventive medical check ups allow you to keep track and subsequently ensure your body’s equilibrium. 

  1. Reduces Risk of Escalation in Existing Medical Conditions – 

Any existing medical conditions you may be dealing with are best regulated and monitored. While you may have learned various ways in which you manage your symptoms, the best approach to any medical condition is to reduce the risk of escalation. By getting yourself tested regularly, you can ensure the same and further avoid stress. 

  1. Medical Costs Reduced – 

By enabling a routine with the help of regular preventive medical check ups which further aid in long term stability of your general wellness, you are better able to manage your medical well being. With early detection and therefore, immediate medical attention; you can avoid high risk circumstances and hefty medical bills that can come about in an emergency and a last minute treatment. Maintaining a balanced wellness quotient, you are susceptible to see a reduction in your medical expenses. 

  1. Medically Well Informed – 

Knowing your body and your medical state intricately by getting regular tests gives you the opportunity to know either by being exposed to, or by experiencing them while you get your tests done; the latest updates in the medical realm. By developing a healthy relationship and being proactively involved with your medical details, you are better informed about your body, human biology, and the ways in which you can sustain good health. 

Regular medical check ups are a key to long term medical wellness and a large number of medical conditions can be detected before they begin to present themselves or at their onset with simple tests. Our team at Ghar Pe Diagnostics has compiled a list of packages to assist you with regular medical check ups and preventive tests. 

Being a mobile lab, we come with the necessary equipment to your doorstep and take the samples necessary. Within a day, your reports are assured to be with you. We prioritize hygienic sample collection at the comfort of your home and we value good health.